Keno Rules

The Keno rules that apply to playing at an online casino are virtually the same as the rules that you will find when playing at a land based casino. You will find that playing the game of Keno is pretty well straight forward and fairly easy to learn.

First thing that you need to know when you are playing a game of keno is that you will need a Keno Card at an land based casino though at an online casino the keno card is part of the software program. With the Keno rules the ticket has 80 different numbers on it and you may usually pick up to as many as 15 numbers depending at what online casino you are playing at.

When you start to play you first make your picks which are choosing the different number of spots that you are going to mark on your keno card. With the wager that you have placed, it doesn’t affect the amount of spots that you pick, only the resulting odds.

Once you have made your picks, then numbers are randomly picked and show up on your computer screen. Dependent upon how many spots you had placed and how many of those numbers matched that were drawn will affect your odds on winning.

You will find the Keno rules are the same for both online and land based casinos when it comes to the payout schedules that are used to make payouts for your winnings.

You will find if you had picked only five numbers and three of those were chosen that the payouts would be better then if you had picked 10 numbers and only three had been drawn. Definitely the more spots that you pick the more stretched out will be the payout scale.

If you understand the keno rules the next thing you should be concerned with are the Keno strategies of which I feel the number one strategy is managing the initial bankroll that you first started out with. With keno you will realize that winning is usually in favor of the online casino or land based casino and that thinking that there is a specific strategy to use will not help you in the long run.

Actually the best strategy you can make is to bet what you can afford and if you loose your bankroll it is then time to quit. Remember there is always another day that you may play Keno at your favorite online casino.

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