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Slots Strategy

When it comes to slots strategy there is actually no known strategy for winning all the time at online casinos or land based casino when playing slots. The only strategies that work are those that may help your chances of winning. When playing the slot machines as any other online casino games, remember that they use a RNG --Random Number Generator-- and that you do not know the odds as they are random for the game. So when it comes to slots strategy, good old common sense and being practical Read more [...]

Pai Gow Poker Rules

Pai Gow Poker rules incorporate a few rules that you will find different than regular poker rules. The main difference is that with Pai Gow Poker is that you play with a joker in the deck. With Pai Gow Poker you play with seven cards and divide your hand into two separate hands. Your hand is broke into one hand with five cards and a second handwith two cards. Your first hand of five cards -- Highest Hand-- must outrank your second hand --2nd Highest-- of two cards. The five card hand in Pai Read more [...]

Keno Strategies

When it comes to Keno Strategies there are no basic strategies to be found other than using good old common sense when it comes to playing the game. By understanding the game of Keno is probably one of the most important strategies that you can use to play the game effectively whether at an online casino or land based casino. If you decide to play Keno at your favorite online casino it is probably in your favor if you play their free version prior to playing for real money. As the activity of Read more [...]

Keno Rules

The Keno rules that apply to playing at an online casino are virtually the same as the rules that you will find when playing at a land based casino. You will find that playing the game of Keno is pretty well straight forward and fairly easy to learn. First thing that you need to know when you are playing a game of keno is that you will need a Keno Card at an land based casino though at an online casino the keno card is part of the software program. With the Keno rules the ticket has 80 different Read more [...]

Blackjack Rules

For one to understand the Blackjack rules it is probably most important for those who are going to play online blackjack at an online casino. With playing online blackjack as compared to playing at a land based casino the rules are virtually the same, except there is one thing you can't do at an online casino and that is card counting. When playing blackjack at an online casino or land based casino, the objective is for you the player to try to beat the dealers hand with seeing who is the one Read more [...]
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